The Lost Season

THE ARSONISTS by Jacqueline Goldfinger will open August 20th and run for 10 performances till August 31st.

The Arsonists is a lyrical Southern Gothic tale about a father-daughter arson team who escapes to the Florida Everglades. It’s a provocative journey from grief to redemption that delves into the primal bond between parent and child and explores whether that bond can ever truly be broken. This is a rich and powerful journey into life and family.

“This is not a ‘wordy’ play, but each bit of dialogue is pure gold.” - Davis Enterprise

"Haunting, and atmospheric, Goldfinger’s compelling new play, The Arsonists is not your usual family piece nor is it anything like a conventional ghost story." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Haunting and primal, The Arsonists is an impactful, meditation on the themes of life and death, and the ties that bind father to daughter.” - DC Metro Arts

"This spellbinding new play put me in mind of a kind of gender-reversed Sam Shepard, there is a sense here that the playwright honors a history of theater (Shepard, O’Neill), but it’s also contemporary. Goldfinger’s voice is distinctly, wonderfully her own.” - Philadelphia Magazine

“The Arsonists packs a strong punch the play is edgy and thought-provoking.” - Broadway World