The Exit Interview
by Wiliam Missouri Downs

In this fractured dark comedy we find Bertolt Brecht scholar Dick Fig has been terminated by his university. But first he must endure an excruciating exit interview with Eunice – a decidedly droll administrator. Downs' witty play ricochets through Brechtian interludes, a pair of politically-radicalized cheerleaders, a pompous newsman, communiques from God, and debates on religion, science and politics before reaching its surprising conclusion.

“A rip-roaring send-up of Americanized Brechtian angst that had the audience howling.”- Stage Magazine

“The laughs keep coming — even as audience members might think with a twinge, "Ouch, that might be me." Some will no doubt be offended by one non-politically correct moment or another. But with luck, all will be forced to think.” - Orlando Sentinel

“A gleefully boundary-flouting riff on religion, piety and the limits of belief...William Missouri Downs’ bonkers theatrical carnival is to conventional plays what Burning Man is to a weenie roast. It’s like an elaborate, lovingly constructed spitball aimed at the idea of divinity...Downs’ vision for it is nothing if not ambitious; he shoehorns comedy and commentary about religion into a broader construct of questioning and messing with pat perceptions of reality, taking his cues from the work of the German theater icon Bertolt Brecht.” -  San Diego Union Tribune

"Downs’ rip-roaring send up ricochets with Brechtian interludes and a cast including a pair of deranged cheerleaders, a pretentious newscaster, soccer moms and German doctors—each addressing universal questions regarding facts, faith and fate in this timely, dark comedy that breaks down all the walls of logic and realism." LA Theatre Beat

"Who knew school shootings could be so much gosh darn fun? If you want to get your Brecht on, and have a rip-roaring time…” -Ed Rampell,