Speaking In Tongues

Speaking in Tongues

Aug 25

Sep 10

A brilliant theatrical examination of 9 people played by 4 actors telling 6 connecting stories.  It’s best to describe this play as a work of genius or what one person calls a symphony of artistic story telling.  This play explores the interconnecting lives and the joy and sorrow humanity faces as they just try to make sense of life.   As the play progresses and revelatory details accumulate, these seemingly disparate stories become linked in a chain of coincidences that leads to an utterly unexpected conclusion.

A Theatrical Drama By Andrew Bovell

…clever, provocative, elliptically resonant and writerly…

—NY Times

What Andrew Bovell does is to show us multifaceted characters, fragments of the whole and how we project ourselves to others…a mix of innovative drama and suspense…[and] stylish wit…


Bovell explores love, marriage, strangeness, intimacy, trust, betrayal, obsession, self-punishment and detachment with generous emotional intelligence.

—Observer (London)