Slowgirl poster


February 14 - March 1

by Greg Pierce

The story of a teenager who flees to her reclusive uncle's retreat in the Costa Rican jungle to escape the aftermath of a horrific accident. The week they spend together forces them both to confront who they are as well as what it is they are running from.


"[A] sensitively drawn two-hander about the emotional common ground established between Becky and her Uncle Sterling during her visit to his remote home in the countryside." - NY Times. 

"CaptivatingPierce shows great instincts. He's a fine storyteller and has an ear for the halting rhythms of how uncle and niece would speak to each other after nine years. He touches on the issue of bullying but avoids making this a simple hot-topic play. He's chasing broader issues about the murky boundary between guilt and innocence." - NY Daily News. 

"[A] haunting two-handera genuine thrillIt's incredibly heartening that Lincoln Center chose to open its new theater with such a subtle play." -Variety.