Sixth Season


The season will start this fall and it is going to be amazing!
Check out each show's individual page for a description and write-up.

RAT’s 6th season is guaranteed to have lots of fun, a little drama, some profundity, some foolishness, and of course some weirdness! Heck it would not be RAT without the weirdness! Cutting edge theatre at the-good-old-days pricing!

Our 6th Season lineup offers diverse works form nationally known playwrights as well as some of the industry’s freshest talent. The titles may be unfamiliar, but the work is fresh and inspirational and at the cutting edge of what is being written today and performed at the nation’s finest regional theaters.

RAT can’t wait to show off our exuberant season, and of course while prices are rising for fuel, groceries, and even theaters, RAT has decided to keep our prices the same as they were 6 years ago when we started!