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Feb 24


When Sam Abrams first fell in love with Rose he wrote her a song which has been covered by every recording artist and translated to every language. It is heard in every elevator and on every cell phone ringtone. And for twenty-five years, Sam has been looking for the creative spark that this first flush of love had inspired in him – to no avail. Sam and Rose are now celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with a cruise in the Mediterranean. And while on this cruise, Sam hears the most sublime music ever heard, jumps overboard, and winds up with a Siren. And there on her island he must struggle with the terrors of middle age, the tortures of creative failure, and the desire to live in his past rather than face his uncertain future. And he must find a way to get home and win his wife back.


By Deborah Zoe Laufer

"Laufer's depiction of the Gameboy-playing siren and Rose's pursuit of her own high school crush give the play a few tasty twists, plenty of laughs and, ultimately, poignancy." - Palm Beach ArtsPaper

"Imaginative and funny...I can see Sirens showing up in just about any theater, and I hope it has a long life in regional rep. The humor and warmth, as well as the understanding of what it means to be married a long time, are things that never go out of style."

"Funny and heartfelt..." -