Signs of Life

signs of life

Signs of Life
by Deborah Brevoort

This play seems like a hilarious comedy with two lost souls finding themselves and America; but then you suddenly realize it means so much more.

On a magical night in New Jersey, the stars talk to Abe, Sal gets a tattoo and a journey begins. Abe and Sal take off across the country, following the stars and looking for Birth and Life. Signs of Life is loosely inspired by the Sarah and Abraham story from the Old Testament - set on the Interstate highways of the American West. This two-character play is a comic meditation on faith, doubt, fertility and spirituality.

"Signs of Life is an eloquent statement of hope. – The Register Citizen, Hartford, CT

"Totally Enchanting... Beautifully written... Dialogue is rich... You'll laugh all through it... I'm going back a second time, maybe a third"– Islander Newspaper, Ft. Myers, FL

"Brevoort's great strength as a playwright is her characterizations."– Capital City Weekly, Juneau, AK

"Whether it's that material things are insignificant or simply that the stars are beautiful, there is something that we can all learn by seeing Signs of Life" – The Hartford News

"...a funny, bittersweet comedy about life, dreams and the power of love. Brevoort's script is rich with imagery and the stories her characters weave are magical."– Info Juneau

"Signs of Life coils together comedy and drama... The audience is at constant odds with themselves on whether to laugh or cry."– Whalesong, Juneau, AK