Rat Chautauqua is Back!


On April 19th at 7pm visit with America’s greatest  Cold War enemy Nikita Khrushchev!  Alive and kicking and maybe even shoe pounding, Nikita will tell us the truth about the Cold War during the time when the world almost ended in the confrontation between Nikita’s Soviet Union and the United States.  After an amazing early life surviving war in the Russian Revolution, he survived the Nazis in WW2, and even survived Stalin’s ruthless purges to become the leader of the Eastern Block and the man who managed the often chaotic communist world.  Come and learn the truth about his visit to America, his ouster from Disneyland, his kitchen debate with richard Nixon “a very evil man”, and of course his views on Russia and on “that little s**t John F Kennedy.”  History truly comes alive with this wild and profound man.  You will enjoy your evening and perhaps learn a few things as well–painlessly we assure you.



Rat’s amazing Third Season will be announced in April and it is going to be spectacular!!!