Out of Sterno

Out of Sterno

Oct. 27


Nov. 12


Dotty's life in Sterno with her husband Hamel is absolutely perfect! It's a fairy tale, it really is. True, in their seven years of marriage Hamel has forbidden her to leave their tiny apartment or speak to anyone, but Dotty is so very happy to spend her days watching video re-enactments of the day they first met. Then a phone call forces Dotty to venture out into the vast city of Sterno!  Out of Sterno is a coming-of-age play in an Alice in Wonderland world. It explores the triumph and heartbreak of growing up and the contradictory societal pressures women face just trying to make it across town.

By Deborah Zoe Laufer

Out of Sterno, is almost impossible not to like, a fairy tale and tall tale with the zest of a wacky comic strip adventure…wickedly funny yet touching.

—News OK

 Out of Sterno is zippy, playful, savvy, and even, at times, delightfully lewd.

—The Portland Phoenix