July 5 - 12

by Edward Albee

A superb and insightful comedy drama. Unapologetically flamboyant, New York sculptor Louise Nevelson's life was one marked by intrepid artistic triumphs as well as deep inner turmoil. In Edward Albee's "Occupant bows its head in awe and gratitude before the mysterious force of will that allows great artists to be...The play touches on themes that echo throughout Mr. Albee's work: the unreliability of memory, the chimerical nature of language and particularly the alchemical brew of truth and illusion" (to borrow a much-used pair of words from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) by which people define themselves." - The New York Times


Mr. Albee's expert characterization...practically raises Nevelson from the dead. Mr. Albee paints a riveting portrait. Occupant may be a straightforward valentine, but it's a valentine to an extraordinarily complex and vivid personality." - The New York Sun