New Ticketing


Please note that RAT is working with a new ticketing service!
We are now with great people, on a site that is super easy to use. All you do is type in and when on their main page you simply find us at “restless artists theatre” (actually after you type in “restless” you are already there at our listings), or you can type, either way it's easy, no codes.

Happily, though some theaters are increasing their prices to earn back their covid loses, RAT will be keeping its pre-covid pricing for our entire 5th season, as we do not believe in dwelling on the misfortunes of the past 18 months!

Remember due to vagaries of the damn covid bug, there is a chance that any particular show, or even a performance, during our “5th Season” may require limiting our seating for social distancing.  When this occurs seating will be very limited to just 20 patrons and seats should absolutely be reserved on-line as we will not be able to accommodate many if any walk-up sales. We will get the word out on limitations as soon as we know they must be implemented due to State or CDC mandates.

Remember RAT is ready to work with you on any ticketing issue you might have, so if you have any issues with the system either reserving seats or payment, just call or email us and we will make it work!