Somewhere in Between

Somewhere in Between

Apr. 27


May 13


Poor Jasper he has feelings of isolation, fears of the dark, and really everyday life has overwhelmed him, but he is determined to live. He gets stuck between floors on an elevator with a claustrophobic man, a sleazy coworker gives him farcical advice on how to pick up women, he strikes flamboyantly, but is picked up by another woman, who takes him home…where she lives with her boyfriend. A chance encounter with a homeless man gives Jasper perspective on his life. He loses his cool, kicks a chair, breaks his foot, and gets fired. And then he meets Holly it might be love, or it might be he’s dying!

By Craig Pospisil

…a smart, sharply crafted play. The laughs come easily and frequently."

—NY Times

 It's a wonderful play. It's a quirky and romantic comedy…but it's also alive with contemporary social poignancy."

—Dayton Daily News