October 18 - November 3

by Martyna Majok

At a bus stop in a run-down New Jersey town, Darja, a Polish immigrant cleaning lady, is done talking about feelings; its time to talk money. Over the course of 20 years, and three relationships, Darja negotiates for her future with men who can offer her love or security, but never both. Award-winning playwright Martyna Majoks IRONBOUND is a darkly funny, heartbreaking portrait of a woman for whom love is a luxuryand a liabilityas she fights to survive in America.


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"[A] quietly gripping playMs. Majoks perceptive drama, with its bone-dry humor and vivid characters, illustrates how vulnerable people like Darja are hostages to the vagaries of chance, unless they can manage to climb out of poverty." -The New York Times

"[An] intriguing workThe play, like life, isnt about easy answers. New York Daily News. Majoks unsentimental IRONBOUND[is a] topical and insightful dramaa tough, moving portrait of a woman stuck in place." - Time Out (New York). 

"You seldom see plays that are both harsh and wonderful, but that is the balance that Polish-born playwright Martyna Majok strikesshe writes with such energy and charisma that the plays four characters feel vivid and realThe play never sugarcoats, yet it steers clear of bleakness because Majoks language is so entertainingly alive." -The Washington Post