Health Protocols




Until further notice, due to the resurgence of covid and to make everyone feel safe and be safe, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

• Each patron, performer and staff will have to present a valid covid vaccination card indicating their positive vaccine status—we hate this but we believe it is the only way to ensure that everyone is safe!

• OR each patron, performer and staff will wear a mask unless they are actively eating or drinking (even then keep it quick).

• Masks are still encouraged even for those fully vaccinated.

• Forehead temperature scans may be asked of patrons as they enter the building, but this check is mandatory for all staff and performers.

• Anyone excessively coughing or sneezing will be asked to leave and given their money back as again we want everyone to be comfortable and safe.

• HVAC--the AC system and air purifiers are all HEPA and they will be active during every performance, so bring your coat as it may be chilly but clean.

• There are 5 hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.

• The entire theater will be disinfected before every performance with an electrostatic sprayer (utilizing chemicals that kill darn near every bug) both on top and underneath contact surfaces.

• The bathrooms are also cleaned (and electrostatically sprayed) before each performance and before intermission. They are also now touchless.

• All concessions materials will be pre-packaged.