Health Protocols



Masks: RAT is on the honor system, so we expect all unvaccinated patrons wear a mask, but it is not required. We just hope everyone is respectful of all others’ comfort at this strange time.

Temperature Checks: Forehead scans of all patrons as they enter the building

Anyone excessively coughing or sneezing will be asked to leave and given their money back as again we want everyone to be comfortable. If you are sick please stay home.

Hvac--the AC system and air purifiers are all HEPA and they will be active during every performance, so bring your coat as it may be chilly as we will keep the air circulating.

Cleaning Stations—there will be hand sanitizer everywhere feel free to use it—often!

Theater Cleaning—before each performance, the entire theater will be electrostatically sanitized with chemicals that kill darn near everything.

Bathrooms—will be cleaned (and electrostatically sprayed) before each performance and before intermission. They are also now touchless.

Concessions—will be all packaged and staff will wear gloves


Will be vaccinated, and they will have their temperature checked as they enter the facility.

They will also keep four feet away from all patrons.

Besides actors & staff, no one will be allowed in the dressing room or the office.