Election Day

Election Day Poster

Election Day

September 6 - 22

by Josh Tobiessen

It’s Election Day, and Adam knows his over-zealous girlfriend will never forgive him if he fails to vote. But when his sex starved sister, an eco-terrorist, and a mayoral candidate willing to do anything for a vote all show up, Adam finds that making that quick trip to the polls might be harder than he thought. Election Day is a hilarious dark comedy about the price of political (and personal) campaigns


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"An outrageous comedy...at double-espresso speed." -The New York Times

"Ridiculously entertaining...cute and cutting." -Variety

"It is a well-balanced mix of serious subject matter and laughter. The play is real and highly unlikely, but it's the highly unlikely parts that make the on-stage witnessing of the real-life, depressing, heart breaking horror of domestic violence possible... It was perfect." -Community Educator for the Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence