An Evening With Theodore Roosevelt, October 17th @ 7:00 pm

RAT Chautauqua: Theodore Roosevelt

An intimate unique theatrical experience!

Come meet and ask questions of one of the most amazing and dynamic individuals America has ever produced. A truly remarkable and unique man, TR was an explorer, soldier, politician, hunter, cowboy, intellectual, writer, and naturalist–often simultaneously.

TR is the only human to be awarded both the Noble Peace Prize and the Medal of Honor; “speak softly but carry a big stick”.

With an energy that exhausted everyone around him he took on politicians, plutocrats, and even other nations; anyone he felt hindered America’s greatness.

One man claimed that TR was “a many sided man and each is powered by an electric battery of unending power” another critic stated bluntly, “he possesses a primal quality that medieval theology assigned to God!”

This will be an amazing experience to talk with TR in RAT’s beautiful intimate theater. This should not be missed!

October 17th @ 7:00 pm

Tickets (limited so order soon!!)