Artificial Jungle

Artificial Jungle

Jan 11


Jan 27


With a veiled nod to Zola's Therese Raquin, Charles Ludlam premiered his suspense thriller at New York's Ridiculous Playhouse. Chester Nurdiger lives in the back of his pet shop with his mother and his bored wife. One day a drifter comes along and they hire him to work in the shop. Sparks are ignited between the bored wife Roxanne and the slick Zachary Slade. They plot to murder Chester and feed him to the piranhas.


By Charles Ludlam

"The audience at Mr. Ludlam's omnibus reply to Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice and Little Shop of Horrors, is likely to die laughing." - The New York Times

"Barely 20 seconds into the play the audience is already chortling. Lust, murder, maternal devotion, it has everything." - New York Daily News

"Wildly hilarious." -New York Post

"A triumph of sheer sustained burlesque, mined with some of the loudest detonating belly laughs ever heard in New York." - Village Voice