The Arsonists


The Arsonists

August 20 - 30

by Jacqueline Goldfinger

The Arsonists is a lyrical Southern Gothic tale inspired by Electra about a father-daughter arson team who escapes to the Florida Everglades. It’s a provocative journey from grief to redemption that delves into the primal bond between parent and child, and explores if that bond can ever truly be broken. "Haunting, and atmospheric, Jacqueline Goldfinger’s compelling new play, The Arsonists […] is not your usual family piece […] nor is it anything like a conventional ghost story." - The Philadelphia Inquirer "Jacqueline Goldfinger’s spellbinding new play […] The Arsonists, put me in mind of a kind of gender-reversed Sam Shepard […] There is a sense here that the playwright honors a history of theater (the Greeks, Shepard, also Eugene O’Neill), but it’s also contemporary.


Best of all, Goldfinger’s voice is distinctly, wonderfully her own.” - Philadelphia Magazine

“Haunting and primal […] The Arsonists is an impactful, spine-chilling meditation on the age-old themes of life and death, the power that nature holds over humanity, and the ties that bind father to daughter.” - DC Metro Arts

This is not a ‘wordy’ play, but each bit of dialogue is pure gold.” - Davis Enterprise