An Evening of David Ives

It's an Ives Thing

June 30


July 16th

Ives exquisitely silly and profound short playlet's have been the hallmark of one-act theatre pieces for dozens of years and so we thought it would be great fun to blend them into an audience choice performance this summer for Art Town.

The audience will get to pick from a list of plays answering some profound questions humanity has faced over the millennium.  Such as:

  • Can three monkeys, pecking at typewriters, recreate Hamlet?
  • Did you bring the shpoont?
  • What is the Universal Language?
  • How do May flies feel about only living one day?
  • Who killed Mr. Jeremy Thumpington-Fuh-Fuh-Fines?
  • Wurr’s da poddered sugar?
  • So what are you doing with yourself?
  • Do you have a Troothache?
  • Really . . . ?

From June 30th through July 16th, Restless Artists’ Theatre will present a collection of one-act plays by David Ives. Every performance will be different, because the audience will decide which one-acts we will do.

By David Ives