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Restless Artists' is back up and running and ready to start filling roles in the amazing plays that comprise our covid delayed 5th season.
We are looking for actors who want to work hard while having fun stretching themselves and making great theater.  RAT specializes in modern plays that often are a bit twisted but always try to take on the human experience in our increasingly complex and even strange modern world.  RAT plays specialize in smaller casts thus no role is ever just a small part of a huge undertaking, every role is at the soul of the show. So grab a slot and come on out and strut your stuff.  Whether you want to get on stage for the first time, or return to it for the 100th, we have lots of good roles in lots of great plays.



RAT does not really believe in the cattle call one-minute of terror monologue routine of most theaters.  Instead we want each actor to show their best selves, and so we combine monologues (if you have one), with semi-cold readings from scripts from our season.  Thus each actor gets multiple opportunities to show their range and abilities by performing solo but also working with another actor to stretch and have more fun! Grab a slot but if none of them fit your needs/desires, then contact us and we can arrange something so we can see everyone who wants to audition. The shows being cast are outlined below, but if you need more info about auditons or RAT or whatever, or if you want to arrange an alternate slot or we need to make more slots in one particular block, contact us at info@rattheatre.org.




This magnificent drama with humor combines a bit of science fiction with questions about human identity, love, and what we remember and what we would like to forget--if we get the chance.


A woke comedy about well intentioned teachers trying to pull off a PC thanksgiving play.  What could go wrong...well nearly everything.  A very clever satire of life in modern woke America.


A comedic drama taking on the issues of truth and falsehood in modern day America.  Are there ethics and what exactly is truth?  Is there still a coherent morality today or is it whatever one wants in the moment?


A really dark comedy about modern urban life and its conflict with nature.  Two lost souls and one wayward starving coyote set out to make America right with nature again.  Brilliant, edgy, and darn funny.


A wonderfully absurd farce about America's fixation on celebrity and the question of art being more valuable when the artist is dead.  Now mix in some mayhem, murder, art critics gone wild and zombies (sort of) and you have a wacky night.

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