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PT Barnum 1

An Evening with P. T. Barnum  
Friday January 13th @ 7pm
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The Prince of Humbug was arguably by his own estimate the greatest showman.

His museum of strange wonders "of man's science and natures beauty" was an American Phenomenon for 25 years.

Yet he yearned to go bigger and so created The Barnum & Bailey Circus which really was "The Greatest Show on Earth!"

Yet he was famous also for capturing the American dreams and curiosity with Mermaids, flying horses, jumbo elephants, little people and "freaks,"and became a true American hero. His life is an amazing part of the American story and not to be missed and it is not what you think!

Come and be amazed!



A Fish Story 
Friday February 10th thru 20th
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A hilarious dark comedy/mystery/farce. George has many issues first of all the flood waters are rising outside the vacation cabin from the endless rain storms. Then there is the issue with the schnauzer. And then there is his many issues with his wife Zee who has as many issues with him. Then there is the daughter Annie who for some reason just wants to flee her weirdly fractured family. Now this is a vacation! The only thing that could go wrong--well everything goes wrong--but things do change when a mysterious stranger arrives. Then things get even crazier...and funnier.
A Fish Story is a "funny, engaging yarn" (Modesto Bee) about coming to terms with loss and the love that transcends the damage a family can do to itself. "It's hilarious. I like poignancy laced with humor, and A Fish Story gave me more than my limit of laughs." A Fish Story has four characters, one set, and exactly one twist more than you think.

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